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Video Creation Checklist

How to Dominate Your Online Presence Using Video Marketing

A 7-Step Template to Creating a Captivating Video

The recipe for success with video content creation in today’s world takes a bit more than a selfie stick and a script. But don’t fret—we’ve broken down the process for you to knock video content creation out of the park!

Videos have taken over the online world, and are projected to continue to hold audiences’ attention for the foreseeable future. Videos with strong content are an effective way of conveying your brand’s message to your consumer, providing an advantage on social media.

Why incorporate video marketing in your next marketing strategy? It’s simple:

  • Videos consistently deliver a high ROI
  • Videos are popular and in-demand
  • Videos are captivating

Download this free checklist to start creating videos that people won’t believe you actually did.

The Uncommon Marketing Difference

We’re not your average marketing agency – and that’s a good thing! We don’t just focus on one area of expertise, and we don’t implement stale marketing tactics.

Since Uncommon Marketing Works was founded, our experts have made revolutionary connections between growth marketing and generating revenue. Our job is to help your business enable sales while brainstorming and implementing next-gen marketing strategies.

Whether it’s traditional, digital, or futuristic tactics, we assure you that we know what works. Our creative outlook on marketing has transformed the way companies generate sales – and we’ll help your business do the same!

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Balanced Marketing Strategies
Many growing businesses struggle to find the time and money to manage their marketing strategies. That’s where we come in. Our marketing witches and wizards will take the stress out of planning your integrated marketing strategy to nurture interest into qualified leads.
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Diverse Industry Experience
The perfect marketing mix isn’t pulled from a hat – it’s carefully planned, executed, and measured with a deep understanding of your brand’s goals. From startups and non-profits to establish software companies and local gyms, we have the experience you're looking for.
Close Expert-Client Relationships
As a boutique agency, our day-one task is to create deeper, more personal relationships with all of our clients. This helps us formulate the perfect strategies for you (and only you) – regardless of your industry or size.