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As you have very different purposes and, as a result, different operational models from most businesses, nonprofits and associations like yours face distinct challenges in building and maintaining support for those they serve. Some of the biggest organizational challenges that nonprofits must address include making the most of extremely limited resources and at the same time, creating an organizational design that will last well into the future.

Even with the unique features of a nonprofit or association, there are some main goals that stay the same as with a business: engaging and retaining customers, or in this case, donors. Loyal financial supporters are critical to the success of your nonprofit organization, as their contributions provide the means for the charitable work that you do and, in some cases, the functions of operating the nonprofit. While the goal of increasing the donor list is similar, the way to approach that goal will be very different for your nonprofit than for your business.

The reality is that you can’t market and promote a nonprofit organization or association the same way you would with for-profit endeavors. The work that you do brings with it distinct challenges for not only your business overall, but also for your marketing strategies and procedures.

This is something that we understand, and we’re determined to help you with.

We're inspired by your nonprofit services, and want to share them with the world through strategic integrated growth marketing.

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One of the biggest marketing challenges facing nonprofits/associations is misinformed suggestions from well-meaning board members. Most often, they look to cut costs by replacing effective marketing strategies with single, temporary solutions. While these solutions may seem compelling at first, they won’t support a successful nonprofit in the long term.

Budget is another major challenge when it comes to marketing your nonprofit organization or association. Keeping costs low is a natural expectation for your group, and marketing is often the first place that a budget is cut; even though effective, comprehensive marketing is key to generating new donor leads and engaging loyal donors.

At Uncommon Marketing Works, we can help you show the benefits of a complete, integrated marketing strategy for your nonprofit organization. We specialize in imaginative solutions that take your unique needs into consideration. Our expertise allows us to clearly define your organization’s story that makes it compelling to potential donors, translating that into a content plan that serves all parties.

Our innovative marketing solutions are developed specifically for your nonprofit organization, ensuring that you get maximum results and effectively expand and enhance your influence.

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We know that your line of work is centered upon building authentic connections. Our digital marketing experts are ready to help combine these with strategic marketing initiatives to establish your nonprofit as the trusted, reliable, and preferred service for your target audience.

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