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In today’s digitally focused and information-rich environment, there are increasing challenges to creating an effective marketing strategy in the construction and building materials industry.

As the market continues to change, you’ve probably already seen the impact on your business and your marketing strategy. The Internet means your end users are better informed than ever, and most of your customers will have done significant online research before approaching your business for their materials needs.

At the same time, there are the complexities of marketing to a wide audience with different levels of expertise and areas of concern. You need a marketing strategy that lets you develop strategic systems and messaging to appropriately engage each target group, including both commercial and residential builders and owners. Proper positioning on each of these fronts is critical to making your construction and building materials firm successful.

Several marketing strategies can help you address these needs. An effective inbound marketing approach designed specifically to draw in customers with informative and relevant articles means you’ll be the information source they find when they need answers to their construction-related questions. For effectively addressing your varied audience groups, a data-based marketing program can ensure that your marketing efforts are appropriately targeted to build sales.

At Uncommon Marketing Works, we can help your construction firm clarify your core audience’s needs to craft a complete strategy that exceeds the expectations of today’s well-informed customers. Our thorough marketing approach addresses every stage of the sales funnel to ensure that you reach potential leads at every possible point towards that final purchase decision.

From optimizing your website for search engines to creating compelling content and shareable pieces for social media, our inbound marketing puts your expert knowledge in front of leads when they need it. We can also help develop the kind of design that highlights the value of the information that you share.

We partner with you to put your building materials and construction services into the spotlight through strategic integrated growth marketing.

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Clarify and Build Awareness of Your Business' Unique Selling Proposition

For your marketing department, those challenges translate to a need for heightened visibility for your firm. In particular, highlighting the range of services that you offer and demonstrating your firm’s advantages over the competition are two key components to building your business in a difficult market.

The right marketing strategies, tools, and materials can help you overcome all of those challenges, from improving awareness of your services and service providers to solidifying your commitment to exceptional, dependable work.

Our creative solutions to your marketing challenge are developed specifically for your firm, ensuring that you get the best possible results and meet your particular business goals.

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With our focus on building authentic connections through a range of marketing strategies, we can help you establish your business as the go-to experts in the Building Materials and Construction industry.

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