Staci Cretu Oct 25, 2017 7:57:33 AM 4 min read

What’s the Hoopla with Hashtags?

How to use Hashtags for Company Exposure and Promotion

#instagood #ootd #L4L #nofilter #catsofig #followme #tbt #vscocam #WTFDOESALLTHISMEAN?!?!

If navigating the world of the web wasn’t already hard enough, in 2007 Merriam-Webster redefined the pound symbol because of it’s new role in the “webiverse”.

The pound symbol is no longer just the button you press on your landline after keying in your four-digit security pin. This symbol has taken on the alias,”hashtag”, and is now thought to be a way to virtually categorize online content. The use of the hashtag can be seen on various social media platforms from Twitter to Instagram.

How to Use It.

Trust me, this concept isn’t rocket science but it may be like the quiz in home economics that you didn’t study for; you can cheat your way through it like before. Post to any social media platform requires a topic, picture, article, or some other type of shareable content. So what next:

  1. Insert your content into the platform’s sharing space
  2. Edit if necessary
  3. Choose a cool but “not trying too hard” caption
  4. Follow that caption with 3-5 thoughtful hashtags words or phrases


“Spending the day with my man…” #dogsofig #goldenlab #boyfriend #dog

How it Works.

You may be asking yourself now, okay? I did that.. what now?

The world of social media recognizes the hashtags you used on your content and places it in a data base filled with content of the same theme. Just like this…


This content is then viewable to millions of social media users and could possibly be the reason why a cold lead turns warm! So, #happyhashtagging #ihopethishelped