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Our Company Story - Who are we?

First, let’s talk about who we aren’t.

We’re not your average marketing agency – and that’s a good thing! We don’t just focus on one area of expertise, and we don’t implement stale marketing tactics.

Since Uncommon Marketing Works was founded, our experts have made revolutionary connections between growth marketing and generating revenue. Our job is to help your business enable sales while brainstorming and implementing next-gen marketing strategies.

Whether it’s traditional, digital, or futuristic tactics, we assure you that we know what works. Our creative outlook on marketing has transformed the way companies generate sales – and we’ll help your business do the same!

We’re Not Just a Marketing Consulting Firm - We’re the Spark Behind Your Brand

You’ve got a million options when it comes to picking a marketing agency – so why choose us?

The biggest and most important benefit we offer is a close expert-client relationship. As a boutique agency, our day-one task is to create deeper, more personal relationships with all of our clients. This helps us formulate the perfect strategies for you (and only you) – regardless of your industry or size.

Let us help you get creative – we’ll learn your company like the back of our hands!

About the Founder

Meet the woman behind it all – Staci.

With over 15 years of experience, Staci is the guru at the heart of Uncommon Marketing Works! Staci has a knack for finding the story hidden in every brand, as well as identifying unique marketing goals for every company – and developing roadmaps to get there!

Through her services, Staci helps organizations develop compelling, outside-the-box marketing strategies with a unique perspective. She’ll shed light on your company’s strengths and weaknesses, then work with you to drive sales to new heights!

staci cretu uncommon marketing

Staci Cretu, M.S.

Marketing Strategist/CEO

Our Marketing Professionals

Meet Your Uncommon Marketing Consultants

Olivia Mitchell

Olivia Mitchell

Marketing Strategy & Operations Director

amber defabio

Amber DeFabio

Growth Marketing Manager

katie kreider

Katie Kreider

Asst. Project Manager

brittany ebaugh marketing specialist

Brittany Ebaugh

Content Marketing Manager

Katie Dale

Katie Dale

Digital Marketing Specialist


Ben Caporaletti

Web Developer/Designer


Vicky Hung

Project Manager


Ariel Doebler

Graphic Designer

Harley Sheffield

Marketing Development Manager

Vanessa Schneider

Vanessa Schneider

Content Consultant


Antoinette Huerta

Content Consultant

Josh Horton

HubSpot Consultant

Let us do the heavy lifting on researching, strategizing, and executing the perfect marketing plan customized to your brand. Our expert guidance will set you up for long term success – while the burden is off of your team’s back!

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